Heritage Day, Sept 14 2013

September 14 was a wonderful day in RI proving this small state's devotion to the grand ideal of respecting freedom of its citizens regardless of their ethnic/religious backgrounds. Each country's sub-committee had a stand with colorful items representing their culture. Rhode Islanders went around visiting each stand to observe/chat/ask questions/share the positive energy in the air. Kids went around visiting each stand to answer questions related to the culture/country and get their booklets stamped to win a few presents from the organizers. It was wonderful to interact with these kids, as they tried to find the answer to our question. Since the question was pretty tough: "What fruit was first introduced to Europe by Turkey?", we gave them lots of hints so they all eventually figured out the answer. We've also distributed stickers of Nazar beads which they put on their shirts and some on their faces! When we explained the Nazar Bead and how it absorbs the negative energy to protect a household, many Rhode Islanders asked where they could get one. There was a woman who commented that she'd need a much larger one than the one on display! Our free offer of Turkish Delight was a big hit and they often commented that they had heard about it but never tasted one before. It was great to see that so many people knew about Rumi already and they all loved our Whirling Dervish calligraphy on display. There was not a single person without a smile on their face! Thank you Rhode Island for having such a wonderful heritage of acceptance and openness!

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