Children’s Day – April 23, 2014

So many families and children enjoyed the TACS-RI Children's Festival this year with a fantastic turnout record with attendance from RI as well as MA residents and our Boston consul Sn Derya Kara who  participated in the event with her family. Unlimited carousel rides and bouncy house fun, playing with fellow Turkish American kids, pizza, baklava, treats and a traditional puppet show were all part of the fun! The “Hacivat and Karagoz” puppet show was an exceptional hit, with excellent performances by Gokhan Vural and Ertan Eryilmaz, The puppet stage was artfully hand made by Zeynep Ekmen Vural, TACSRI Treasurer.  Congrats to our raffle winner, Aygul Yilmaz Cetiner, who went home with a tabletop Hacivat ve Karagoz Puppet Stage. Thanks to all our guests! tum konuklarimiza tesekkurler!  Here are some pictures!!

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