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TACSRI T-shirts

Dear Members and Friends,
We just launched our first fundraising campaign on Teespring with an array of special design t-shirts for you to buy and enjoy!

Please show your support to TACSRI by purchasing this high-quality merchandise or by sharing the links with your friends and family!

They would also make great gifts!

First, a series of Istanbul t-shirts:
We are grateful to Zeynep Kemaloglu for her beautiful work and the time she took to support TACSRI by creating this special series!

And second, here is another special design with TACSRI's name on it:
This design is created in the hope of making our 5K run an annual event where participants will show their support by wearing these t-shirts.

Please note that there is a 20% discount at the check-out when you use the links above with promotion code TACSRI.
Enjoy and spread the word!