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(September 2011-April 2012)

*Here is a sampling of what the new TACS-RI Board has been busy with since the beginning of term in 2011. Many new exciting programs and events for the whole community also under way!


November 2011:

TACS-RI IN SOLIDARITY WITH TURKISH PEOPLE: TACSRI's Van Earthquake Relief Campaign in RI marked TACS-RI's first attempt to extend aid directly to Turkish citizens at a time of extreme hardship.

TACS-RI's relief campaign was launched officially at the Ataturk Commemoration (10 Nov 2011) at the RI State House, and officially ended March 10, 2012. Please see our website for details.

December 2011

BILINGUAL STORY TIMES Launched (Monthly event in Turkish/English, at the Providence Rochambeau Children's Library)

TACS-RI has launched the first bilingual public literacy event in Rhode Island to target and recognize Turkish American families and anyone who would like their children to be exposed to an appreciation of reading in both English and in Turkish. * This event has also helped make TACS-RI a visible, active part of the community at large, and broadened our potential member base to include many American families who are not of Turkish origin but those who appreciate our new literacy-focused and family-friendly programs.

January 2012

1. Bylaws modified: To offer our members more fair membership terms and a better value for their dues, TACS-RI board has approved a change to the membership terms of TACSRI's bylaws.According to this modificiation, members will get a full one year of membership regardless of when they join TACS-RI. In the old system, members were charged for a full year but received membership benefits only until the end of December. With the new modification, members can join /renew at any time,and will then receive a full twelve months of membership beginning on the date their membership has been processed.

2. Second session, BILINGUAL STORY TIMES

With books, activities and songs in English and Turkish, this event quickly became popular amongst both Turkish and English-speaking families, and the attending group size doubled in number in just the second session.

February 2012:


Thanks to TACS-RI's partnership and networking with the RI Public libraries, the first few Turkish-language children's books have been added for the first time to the RI Public Library database! You may access these Turkish-language children's books at the Providence Rochambeau Public Library branch, or you may request it through your local public library.

March 2012:

1. TACS-RI BEGINS TO OFFER DISCOUNTS TO TACS-RI MEMBERS AT LOCAL BUSINESSES! In March 2012, TACS-RI initiated financial partnerships with local businesses. TACSRI now offers their members special discounts and privileges at select local businesses.The growing list of our supporters and info on their specific discounts will be posted at www.tacsri.org and on our Facebook/Twitter pages.

With the TACS-RI Board's ongoing networking in the community, more retailers and service providers will be added in the coming months to our list of businesses supporting TACS-RI.These businesses currently range from yoga/dance studios, and daycare centers, to restaurants as well as online jewelry and art stores.

2. Bilingual Story Times (March 3, 31) This monthly event quickly became popular in the community, and has continued to increase TACSRI's visibility in RI. Our crowd size tripled in just the third session. TurkishNy.com, leading Turkish American web portal, also covered our recent events: http://www.turkishny.com/component/jevents/icalrepeat.detail/2012/03/03/1948/-

April 2012

1. TACS-RI 's Turkish-Language Children's Book Drive *****

***LAUNCHED on April 23rd! Details on our website and on Facebook. This campaign will significantly increase our Turkish-language book collection in the RI Public library system, and the books will be accessible free of charge to everyone in the community.  If you are interested in contributing via check/Paypal or by donating books, please refer to the detailed announcement on our Facebook page, or email us at tacsri2011@gmail.com .

2. Student and Community Get-together and Backgammon Tournament (Brown Graduate Student Lounge, April 8) TACSRI brought together Turkish students from Brown and all nearby universities with Turkish American members of our community and friends at a 'lahmacun partisi/tavla turnuvasi' with a great turnout! About 90 people from all ages and backgrounds enjoyed the party, the warm atmosphere, the good food, raffles,and the backgammon tournament. (Our winner received a beautiful backgammon set, compliments of Crisloid, our tournament sponsor). We also had many new members officially join our society for the first time that day.This get-together was in line with TACSRI's goals of building/furthering group solidarity, offering support and networking opportunities to students, and mobilizing our community members. See our Facebook page for pictures!



(September 2011-April 2012)

1. Heritage Days Festival (September 2011)TACSRI's stand stood out as a vibrant, popular booth with a diverse range of visitors interested in Turkish and Turkish American cultures.

2. November 10th Ataturk Commemoration (RI State House, Nov 10, 2011)In line with Ataturk's vision of solidarity and social activism, our Ataturk commemoration event proved to be the right setting to officially launch of our Van Earthquake Relief Campaign.

3. April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day Festival (Roger Williams Park Carousel, April 23, 2012): TACSRI offered free unlimited carousel rides, pizza, snacks, refreshments, children's face painting, and craft making. TACSRI also presented a bilingual puppet show (in English and Turkish) about “Why we celebrate April 23rd!” This was a fun event enjoyed by kids and grownups alike! See our Facebook page for pictures!

*Upcoming get-togethers in the spring and summer include a spring-time community dinner, and a bayram picnic for our members! Updates/announcements coming up on our website, www.tacsri.org and on our Facebook page.

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