The Internet is full of resources and listing all the useful addresses is a practical impossibility. Here, we present to you what we think are the really useful sites that will take you to Web sites run by the Turkish government, media, entertainment, and sites that have content related to Turkey. We hope that you find them useful and you will let us know if there are sites that we should consider placing on this list.

Major funding for some of TACSRI events was provided by The Turkish Cultural Foundation.

Government and Official Site

Virtual Consulate

For most of your consular needs, you will likely find answers, forms, and contacts here. It requires a simple registration before you gain access to the contents. Although both Turkish and English content exists, some pages are presented only in Turkish. You may need a friend who speaks Turkish, we will be glad to help you if you need it.

U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey

If you are travelling to Turkey and think you may need to contact U.S. officials, this is the address to know.

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